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Why is it NOT a Good Idea to Quit Your Job to Find a New One

Job hunting can be a long, tedious and frustrating task for most people. Many believe that job search becomes even tougher when you are currently employed. It is difficult to take time out for searching employers, sending job applications and following interview schedules.

All these issues are still not enough to make you quit your current job so you can find a new and better one. All you need is better time management and more organized methods of job search to achieve better results of your efforts. There are a number of advantages of conducting your job search while employed.

The expense of job hunt is all paid for

There is no risk of running out of cash to support yourself during the job hunt. Getting a new job could take months. Till then you are still being paid a salary to meet your expense.

You have a more powerful resume

You do not have to explain lags in your resume. Also, your current employment status on your resume makes you more confident than you would be if you were jobless. It will give an impression to the interviewer that you are in high demand and negotiation will be better.

You will perform better in the interview

While explaining why you are not employed at the moment you could be at a loss of words. It would not sound very convincing or impressive if you were to say you quit your job to look for a new one. Also, your overall attitude during the interview will not be as desperate as it would be for a jobless person.

You will have better networking

Your current job will give you the opportunity to connect with co-workers, clients, vendors and other people in the industry who might be able to give you references. As they are more aware of your potential they might give you leads to better opportunities in the industry.

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