Job Market Trends

Are You Keeping Pace with the Changing Job Market Trends

With an increasing popularity of online job portals, social networking and other personalized job search tools, job seekers are now more active and selective in the recovering job market. There are a number of changing trends that have been observed according to a survey carried out by Simply Hired, a popular job search engine. Seasonal […]

Career Advice

6 Job Search Mistakes to Avoid in 2010

Whether you are a fresh graduate or have a long work experience and looking for a new job, there are several mistakes that you could make on your job search that might result in failure to get the desired job. Many surveys conclude that applicants make certain errors or overlook certain key areas and end […]

Job Market Trends Updates

Dubai Job Market Shows More Confidence

All major world economies have been hit by the global economic recession, Dubai being no exception. Huge job losses have been witnessed in the emirate for the past one and a half year. Both employers and employees had lost much hope and confidence in the job market of Dubai. According to a new survey carried […]