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Tips to Make Your Resume Standout

A candidate’s resume is not just an ordinary piece of paper; it is what that open the door of his luck by producing a good job offer. That is why, it should be so unique and attractive that employers find it irresistible to ignore.

To understand what makes a resume dynamic, read the list of simple rules below:

  1. To make a great and quick impression should be the ultimate goal of your resume. Use of descriptive titles, for this purpose, always works; therefore, try to use effective titles to explain the nature of your past work experience.
  1. Structure your experiences, educational background and professional objectives in a bulleted style. Instead of describing in long paragraphs, try to contract your information into short sentences.
  1. Highlight your key achievements and strengths that are most relevant to the current opportunity. This tactic works as bate and helps to land an interview.
  1. Organize your resume in reverse chronological order.
  1. Use numbers and signs (%, $) to explain your accomplishments. Numbers and percentages help employers to understand your accomplishments easily and quickly.
  1. Follow the standard format of resume. Font size and style should be 12pt and Arial or Times respectively. Make all the headings prominent with bold capital letters but never use capital letters all over the place.
  1. Always use a good quality white or off white paper.
  1. Keep your resume length between1-2 pages. 1 page is better but if you have a lot of experience then two page resume is appropriate.
  1. Proofread your resume again and again. Make sure to eliminate every spelling and grammatical mistakes.

To develop a powerful resume, you need to be concise and factual. Include all the information that can best fit to the requirement of an employer. This will help you to land an interview of your dream job.

2 replies on “Tips to Make Your Resume Standout”

Well this artical was very informative but i have a serious problem;
i am in Afghanistan where people have been telling me that you need a long resume in order to get a good job. now before i had a short CV an for 3 months i tried ot get an interview call but i didn’t, then i wrote a long resume and i got one call n now i am working in that company. i am not satisfied with my current job, i need ot change it. what should i do? long resume or short resume?


Thank you for your question. While short resumes is the accepted norm in today’s busy times in most parts of the world, the situation can be different in certain circumstances. Employers in certain places of the world might not be following the latest trends, techniques and technologies and might still be used to the old methods. For such situations, the old style of long Resumes would be relevant. Here in the Gulf region, average employers and recruiters are loaded with resumes to review and select from and they are usually using some form of modern technology as well. Therefore Gulf based employers and recruiters need to choose or drop a resume more quickly.

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