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Highly talented Public Relations personnel are in high demand in the Gulf countries. While they need to be a part of every business, they are an essential part of large multinationals. There have been some changes in the original job description of PR officers in recent years. There is more to the job than just arranging public events and holding a press release. It is now more about multitasking and increased responsibility. At times you need to be the brand management consultant and at other time a strategic communication specialist. The job of a PR professional is well integrated with other departments in the company.

To meet the challenges, aspiring job seekers need to be well prepared for the competition and develop extra skills such as learn new languages, ability to face stressful situations and meet deadlines. Just like all other jobs, a PR job has also experienced technological advancements. Before going on with the PR job search, make sure you have the necessary computer skills. PR professionals are continually increasing the use of social media networks such as FaceBook and Twitter as a regular part of their job.

Another new development in this field is the integration of PR with advertising. This means you need to learn what it takes to be a good advertiser as an added responsibility. If you are looking for a job in the Gulf region, knowing the local language is definitely an added advantage.

If you want to a pursue a career in PR, be prepared to work four times as hard as what people did before. The good news is that there is a shortage of highly competent professionals in this field in the Gulf region and many companies are offering a good compensation for the more experienced ones.

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