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Top Five Reasons Why You Do Not Get Interview Calls

When you begin your job search without a proper and well-defined plan, it becomes even more difficult to get the job of your choice. Many job seekers, even the experienced professionals, make some very common mistakes during their job search process that costs them the job they had always been dreaming of.


There are a number of reasons why job applicants fail to get an interview call from a prospective employer even when they have all the required skills and qualifications for the job.


Applications are sent to irrlevant jobs

As a desperate measure, a lot of job seekers send job applications to any and all jobs that are advertised without realising that most of these do not even match with their credentials. It also happens that the job description is not read carefully to fully understand the requirements before sending out the application. This not only leads to a waste of time and effort but also decreases the chances of getting an interview call.


Resume is not well-drafted

To create an attention-grabbing resume that is free from errors is requires a lot investment of time, effort and even money. If the resume is not enticing enough for the recruiter, there will be no chance of getting to the next level of job search process: interviews. The resume has to be free from all spelling and grammatical errors and should have the right format that is required by recruiters and employers. There are a number of good resume writing services that can be consulted to get a customised resume for your job search process.


No or poorly drafted cover letter attached

This can be one of the biggest mistakes made by job seekers. Cover letter is a very important document and an essential requirement of the job application. It requires the same care and attention to details as is required for the resume.


The job and/or the company is not researched

Most people who send out job applications through job portals fail to find out more about the company, its operations and the job itself. This information is very important and it should be used when preparing the cover letter and the resume. It will help in customizing these documents according to the specific needs of the employer, thus, increasing chances of success in the job search process.


No follow up is made

This can also be a reason sometimes for not getting an interview call. It is always a good idea to follow up after the interview and ask about the progress. It is also possible that the employer tried to contact you but you were unreachable. So you can call to find out and remind them of your job application. But, remember, too much follow up can be harmful.


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