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Change Your Dress Code for an Improved Professional Image

Dress codes of the professional world have gone through considerable amount of transitions. This is mainly due to the new trends of coffee shop meetings and video conferences. However, the need for a certain expectation of professional image still exists. Even though you might be seeing a lot of billionaires in blue jeans but, with this kind of net worth, you can be more casual about what you wear.


The question exists, what exactly is the right dress code at your job? The answer depends mainly on the type of culture or standards the workplace has. Dressing for success means making a powerful statement about who you are and what you aim to accomplish. How you conduct yourself is greatly affected by how you dress up. Is also helps in making an impact on the kind of treatment you get from others.


There is a general rule regarding corporate dressing: dress up a little better than others, with the exception of your boss, of course. There is no need, however, to overdo it otherwise you will face resentment. For men, formal dressing means choices of dark colored suites with white or pin striped shirt. For women, it is also dark suits with long sleeved blouse. All attire should be clean, crisp and well-ironed. Hair style should be professional and there should be minimal amount of accessories.


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