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Three Mistakes to Avoid While You Still Have a Job

It is a great blessing to be employed and in this situation not many people think of the bad times that could come ahead in case of a job loss. While it is true that not much can be done once your boss has made a decision about having you fired but there are still a number of things you can do while you still have a job which can help you in later part of your career.


Not working on self improvement

If you have a job this means that you do possess some skills. It is, however, not a good idea to ignore any further improvement in those skills. The technology is rapidly changing and new techniques of production are being introduced in all work areas. It has become more important than ever to keep abreast of all these changes and sharpen your skills at work. There are a number of online courses offered and webinars being conducted that you can make use of if you find it difficult to go out for training. Often, companies also arrange for training programs for their employees and generally many people are reluctant to attend these. Such workshops provide maximum benefit to the workers who can use these to work towards the advancement of their careers.


Not saving money

Having a steady pay check is the best time to start saving money for any future requirements. Consider this as an insurance contribution for a time when you might be out of work. Being jobless is a situation that can continues for days, weeks or even months. This extra cash can bring a lot of peace of mind and help you in continuing your job search activities rigorously.


Not developing contacts

This is also one of the most important things to work on while you are still employed. You can have a lot of opportunities to develop a strong network of people who could prove out to be extremely important for your career. You can develop positive links with colleagues, clients and workers in other companies and use this wide network to help you get a job if you are fired.


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yes you are absolutely right. now i am jobless and i am facing many problems to find a new job

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