Job Market Trends

Are You Keeping Pace with the Changing Job Market Trends

With an increasing popularity of online job portals, social networking and other personalized job search tools, job seekers are now more active and selective in the recovering job market. There are a number of changing trends that have been observed according to a survey carried out by Simply Hired, a popular job search engine.

Seasonal Jobs

More than half the job seekers gave up their vacation plans for searching part-time and temp jobs. The reasons are many. Some want to support their family, others want to gain more experience. For some, it is a source of extra income while others have a college fee to pay off. Most popular industries offering part-time and temporary employment opportunities include tourism, retail and administration. Summer jobs are a good way to get into a company and prove your worth for a full-time job opportunity in the future. It is also a way to expand your network and get referrals on better job options.

Green Jobs

About 52% of the people now prefer to work for green companies. Alternative energy is the upcoming lucrative business opportunity and many companies are reverting to eco-friendly methods of production. This trend has created a number of new jobs focusing on going green. Also, same jobs have been revamped to make them able to protect the environment. Green construction, retrofitting, recycling and reduced energy use has provided a good source of attraction for job seekers in this industry.

Career Change

New industries are emerging while opportunities in certain industries are declining. Job seekers are looking for career changes for a number of reasons including lack of opportunities in their own industry, being unhappy with their current career, or simply better opportunities in other industries. Another changing trend is increased preference for home based jobs. Work from home jobs are gaining more popularity than ever before for the many benefits they provide such as more flexibility.

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