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Start the Year with Positive Job Search Changes

The start of 2013 is a great time for job seekers to reflect upon their current job and search for possible prospects to find a new one. There is great energy and enthusiasm when you are making New Year resolutions; so, it is a good time to see where your career is headed and what changes you need to make in your job search.


Update all job search material

Holidays are a great opportunity to update your current job search material – resume, cover letter, professional portfolio – and reform it according to the current industry norms and requirements. This also includes updating your social and professional networking profiles and blog sites, if any.


Reassess your job search

Even though you might have been trying real hard all year to find a better job for yourself but not succeeded. One of the major reasons for this could be ineffective job search methods. For instance, there might be certain industry-specific or profession-specific job boards out there that you might not have tried as yet. It is also a good idea to join multiple networking sites and be more involved in the discussions.


Explore new ways

Try some of the other ways to help you find the right job. For example, create your own professional blog, make new connections or create business cards. You could also connect with professionals in the industry who might be able to provide you with leads to great job opportunities.

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