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New Year, New Advice

Looking for a career move in the New Year? There are a number of things that you need to do differently. While it is very important to tailor your CV as well as other application materials according the job advertised, the old-fashioned networking is often the most effective way of getting the desired attention of hiring managers. Applying for an advertised vacancy generally means stiff competition; so, the easiest way to stand out from the crowd is to make use of personal referrals and your online contact list to get a chance to meet with a decision-maker so that you can make an impression before you even mention the word ‘job’.


Another important part of the recruitment process, is the interview. And when it comes to that, practice makes perfect! List down all possible questions that might be asked and rehearse the answers with a friend or associate. To make a mark during the interview, make sure you have sufficient knowledge about the company, the sector and the role advertised. Focus more on not what you are good at, but how you make a difference in the role.


With increased use of internet for the purpose of recruitment, a great way to get yourself noticed is through blogging. Not only does it get your name out, but also helps in building contacts and enhancing your social network.


It has also helped many job seekers to get great jobs when they made direct approaches. Although job boards are a crucial part of your job hunt strategy, it is also a good idea to approach the business even when it is not recruiting. If you are able to impress them, you could be offered a role right there and then.

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