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Seven Career Mistakes You Need to Avoid

At some point or rather many a times during our career, we have all made mistakes that we regret. Those mistakes have certainly shaped up our career the way it is right now. The wise thing to do is to acknowledge those mistakes, be aware of them, learn from them and then try to avoid them in future.

Not having a long-term career goal

You will not reach where you want if you do not know where you are heading. At the start of your career, define a career goal and work towards achieving it by taking one step at a time. All your energies will not be wasted then by spending too much time on things that are not very important for your career path.

Not giving extra

Always volunteer for extra work. This will have two positive affects. One, your skills will improve. Two, you will become the most eligible employee for promotion.

Not admitting your mistakes

Learn to say ‘sorry’. Admit when you have done something wrong rather than blaming others or the system for your failures. Take responsibility and not give excuses. This makes a better and more respected manager.

Not networking within the organization

Developing relationships in your workplace with peers, senior managers, junior workers, employees in other departments is all important for career growth. They will all prove helpful in supporting your career moves at one time or another.

Not networking outside the organization

Layoffs are common these days. At any time you can expect to lose your job or you might want to make a move for a better career opportunity. Having contacts with people in other companies and industries will help you find new and better job opportunities.

Making simple mistakes

Sometimes there are simple mistakes that turn out to be detrimental to your career. These include, for example, arriving late to meetings, having ill table manners or even poor hygiene.

Not maintaining a work/ life balance

To be more effective at work you need to have a healthy mind and body. All work and no play can harm you in more ways than one. Take time out for family, entertainment and exercise.

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