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Improve Those Networking Skills to Find a Better Job

Networking has become an essential tool in increasing your chances of getting a better job opportunity. This is a worldwide phenomenon and Dubai is no exception. There a number of networking groups in Dubai, UAE that you can join and expand your network. Here are a few tips on how to improve your networking skills:

Start now

Don’t wait to get laid off from work to start networking. Build a network of people while you are at work and correspond with them on regular basis and exchange information regarding the job market and its trends.

Know your objective

At all times you should have a clearly defined objective and reasons for networking. This is so you can direct all your activities towards achieving the desired goal.

Be direct

Do not feel shy to tell people you are looking for a job. Ask direct questions and search for leads.

Listening vs talking

Some people like to talk a lot and some like to listen. While networking with people you need to keep a balance of both. If you are quiet you will not be able to sell yourself, and if you talk a lot then you will miss out on the important information regarding jobs that people have to share with you.

Give and take

Help others in finding jobs and improving their careers so that they also become more willing to help you when required.

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