Career Advice

Move up the Corporate Ladder

Waiting for the promotion? Might have to wait forever if you think that it will drop in your lap some day since you happen to be the most deserving candidate. It requires some serious efforts to move up the corporate ladder.


Act like a leader. Look at some of the role models and learn from their behavior how they manage to lead, control and inspire their subordinates. If you are able to make people follow you, listen to you and give value to your judgment, you will become a suitable person to be awarded a promotion.

Generate Ideas

Every now and then come up with ideas that might lead to higher sales, lower costs and improving the brand image of your business. Discuss such ideas with your superiors to gain their support in helping you climb the corporate ladder.

Work Hard

Hard work always pays off. Higher designation means more responsibility. To prove your worth you need to work extra hours as well as perform extra tasks. Volunteer for more challenging assignments and complete them successfully.

Flaunt Your Work

This is very important. You need to make sure your superiors as well as other important personnel in the company know about your recent accomplishments and how useful they were for the business.


This means staying connected not just with people within your department but also other departments at the horizontal as well as vertical levels of management. Coffee breaks, lunch breaks and any events hosted by the company are a good source of making useful connections.

Be Informed

Keep yourself updated with company plans, industry analyses and the overall economic scenarios. Use this information to plan your career and make the right moves at the right time.

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