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Manage Your Stress Level

Stress can be good or bad. A certain level of stress is essential for high performance. Whether it’s a sales target deadline to be met, or a closure of a business deal, to reach a high level of efficiency, the adrenaline surge triggered by stress will play a pivotal role. And yet we also know that very beyond a certain level of stress, frustration will start to build up and focus will fizzle out. To find out where the thin line lies while moving from good stress to bad stress, pay attention to your behavior. When your stamina starts to run out, or you get a headache, or you start to become irritable at the small things, it is an indication that your stress level has crossed the line and needs to be managed now. Here are some tips to manage stress:

Engage in a calming activity

Yoga, half an hour walk, meditation are all useful. Watching TV or surfing on the net are less likely to reduce the stress levels.

Get enough sleep

Sleeping at a stretch is healthier than small irregular naps. A good night’s sleep has more calming affects on the mind as compared to dozing during the day.


Going to the gym will be perfect. But even a walk around the block or a nearby park should be a part of the daily routine.

Have a balanced diet

Fruits and vegetable act as antioxidants. Eat plenty of those and drink lots of water. Eating hastily should be avoided and small frequent meals should be preferred to eating more at one time.

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