Job Interview Tips

Interview Tips: What Recruiters are Looking for

An ideal candidate for a job is not just the one with the best degrees or experience in a large firm. What recruiters look for in a job seeker is a combination of skills as well as the personality traits listed below:


It is important to a recruiter how the applicant sells his/ her competence. Carry in your persona the confidence of your achievements and highlight them during the interview.


Coming late to the interview is a big put off as it suggests that the candidate is not serious about the job or the company. Always arrive earlier than the given time.


If you do not know the answer to a question, simply say so. Not knowing the answer is better than being dodgy.


Show excitement about the job as well as being able to work in the particular company. Do some homework and find out more about the company before you go for the interview.

Common Sense

Most of the questions that are asked during the interview are not very technical but require common sense. A lot of applicants are turned down on the basis of lack of basic information and the ability to answer simple yet tactful questions.

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