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2010 Challenges – Career Networking

Recruiters and hiring managers, in the recent past, have been paying more attention to networking sites for searching the right candidate. In 2010, job seekers need to be much more conscious of their adequate presence on the internet so as to be approached directly by the recruiters.

Professional networking and making and developing more contacts in your area of interest is not a challenging task anymore with user friendly websites such as LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Twitter, MySpace and FaceBook. Most of the services on these networking sites are free for the users. Job seekers should not only have their presence on these but in the coming times, it has become even more important to keep updating the details.

According to an article on career networking by, both formal as well as informal networking is useful for effective job search. Due to the recent economic recession, job seekers have become more aware of the fact that being jobless can happen to anyone anytime. Therefore, any and all contacts that are built or expanded will be of great value.

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