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How to Successfully Get Through a Skype Interview

A job interview is one of most difficult parts of recruitment for most job candidates. Many people get anxious before as well as during an interview and tend to perform worse than their true caliber only because of the anxiety that a job interview brings them. As video has started to take the place of in person interviews, has it become easier or more difficult to land your dream job?

The plus point of a Skype interview is that there is no need to be dressed formally from head to toe. A dress shirt and a suit coat should be fine even if you are wearing pyjama bottoms and slippers. Another benefit is that you can be sitting comfortably in your house while going through the interview. Traffic delays are also not a concern.

There are also a number of problems with Skype interviews. The most obvious one is power breakdown or any other technical issue that disrupts the interview. In a video interview there are also chances of looking in the wrong place. Job candidates often get tempted to watch themselves in that little box just to make sure their hair are not in their face of that they are not making any weird facial expressions.

Video interviewing is something that has become an attractive option to many organizations because of the low cost and convenience. Therefore, it is important to learn how to cruise a Skype interview. Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure the part of the room that is visible on screen is clean and tidy. It can be less distracting to have plain backdrop.
  • Test and re-test the lighting and functionality of the camera and computer. While it is not important to have the best quality camera, it needs to be good enough so that the interviewer can see you clearly.
  • The dress needs to be as conservative as the organization. And it is a good idea to wear smart bottoms just in case there is a need to get up during the interview.
  • Keep your video image minimized so that you are not tempted to watch yourself. Maintaining eye contact is as important in a Skype interview as it is in a face-to-face interview. So, keep looking at the camera.


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