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Four Essential Skills That Will Get You a Great Job in 2013

When it comes to selecting the right candidate for a job, recruiters look for a clear difference between who can do the job and who can do a job well. According to some recent surveys, employers and recruiters in the UAE and other parts of Middle East are looking for skills beyond the relevant degrees and work experience.

Ability to work well in a team

Many jobs that are advertised these days do mention in the Requirements section – ‘ability to work well in a team’. This feature can be highlighted in the resume as well as during the interview where you can give examples of how well you were able to work and contribute while assigned to a team.

Communication skills

This is evaluated right from the start. Recruiters will judge your written and verbal communication skills from your CV, cover letter and the job interview. Many employers in the Gulf region prefer job candidates with good command over English and Arabic language.

Presentation and grooming

While it is not important to look all fashionable in an interview, but your appearance and dress is highly noticed by the hiring managers. Professionally dressed job seekers who are groomed well will always be more welcoming than others.

Sales and marketing background

A huge number of employers and hiring managers in Middle East value job candidates with a good sales and marketing background. Regardless of whether you are an engineer, a graphic designer or a web developer, it will give you an extra edge to have knowledge on marketing strategies, promotional demonstration and sales techniques.

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