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Career Advice for Young Professionals

New to the corporate world? Not sure what to do and what not to do? Can’t figure out why your boss is not particularly happy with you?  These are some of the emotions most young professionals go through at the beginning of their career and if they don’t learn well, these situations linger on. Five most important career tips for new workers are:

1. Work Hard. You knew this was coming. This is an essential requirement to proceed along a more promising career path. Since you are new to the organization and the industry, you need to prove your worth. During the initial years, there is a great need to put in the extra effort, be it in the form of working longer hours or volunteering extra work. You need to make yourself indispensible for the company. Arrive a little earlier than required and leave late. Ask for more responsibility and then fulfill the given tasks aptly.

2. Network. Build relationships throughout the organization. Research and find out who the key personnel are and develop contacts. Utilize the coffee and lunch breaks to mingle with workers in other departments, superiors and subordinates. Actively take part in events organized by the company to be known by everyone.

3. Find a Mentor. Develop a relationship with someone you can trust and who can help you in training and coping with difficult situations. As you are new to the company, you might not be familiar with certain norms and the organizational culture. A mentor or guide will prove very useful in getting through the tough initial years.

4. Define a Career Goal. While most of your time must be spent on achieving targets set by the company, you should also have defined career goals and slowly work towards accomplishing them. Chalk out a five- or ten-year career plan and focus your energies towards the bigger picture.

5. Act Mature. As a young professional, you are bound to lose temper, lose hope, make mistakes and act irrationally during difficult situations. Try to avoid all these and develop a more mature mind set at work. Learn from the role models. Observe how more senior people act while taking decisions or reacting to given situations and follow their footsteps.

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