Job Market Trends

Future Outlook of the Dubai Financial Sector

Dubai has always been the financial hub in the Middle East and Persian Gulf region attracting investors from around the globe. The recent development of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) has opened doors for more investment opportunities in the ever expanding Emirate. As a result, the finance jobs are expected to rise in six main sectors including banking services, foreign exchange, asset management, reinsurance, targeted service provision and Islamic finance. With the facility of 100% foreign ownership, zero taxation and improved infrastructure, more and more financial companies from around the globe are struggling for inclusion in DIFC and reframing their structural and recruitment policies.

Even though, hundreds of job openings are expected in the coming years, job market still remains very competitive. If you have the required skills, capabilities, qualifications and relevant experience, you will be in high demand and can expect high compensation benefits apart from the wonderful living experience Dubai has to offer.

All major job boards for the Gulf region are flooded with finance jobs, banking jobs, accounting jobs, investment jobs, analyst jobs, sales and marketing jobs, and other key areas in the banking and financial sector.

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