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6 Job Search Mistakes to Avoid in 2010

Whether you are a fresh graduate or have a long work experience and looking for a new job, there are several mistakes that you could make on your job search that might result in failure to get the desired job. Many surveys conclude that applicants make certain errors or overlook certain key areas and end up getting disappointed. A lot of time and energy is required for an effective job search. Therefore, certain mistakes must be avoided during your research so as not to let that effort go waste.

Applying only on the ‘big’ websites

Even though the big names in job boards are very useful, many employers and recruiters advertise their job vacancies on the not so popular websites to get more response and enjoy lower or no costs.

Not customizing your job application

Flooding the internet with thousands of job applications is not really a good idea if all those applications are not customized. The CV/ resume and the cover letter should be altered according to the specific company you apply for.

Job search on internet only.

Limiting you job search to the internet only is another common mistake made by job seekers. There are other ways to look for jobs such as networking with people, letting people know you are looking for jobs, attending job fairs, attaining membership of community clubs etc.

Informal web presence

Many recruiters and hiring mangers now check an applicant’s web profile on the social networking sites to get an insight to their credentials. Use a formal email id instead of, and keep the FaceBook, MySpace, Bebo and other web profiles free from trash.

Not revamping your resume

Keeping and using the same outdated CV/ resume will not prove very effective in the job search. Current trends should be followed and the CV/ resume should be updated and improved continuously to attract more attention of the hiring managers.

Not researching the potential employers

Before applying to a particular company, research should be made on the company’s operations, overall objectives and the job requirements. Match your results with your abilities and your career goals.

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