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Tips for Applying for the Role of a Marketing Salesman

Just like it is difficult to hire the perfect marketing salesman, it is not easy for the applicants to sell themselves to the recruiter. How do you convince the interviewer you can pull potential customers, increase brand loyalty or bring in new business in the CV/resume or a series of questions and answers session of the interview. Here are few things recruiters value while assessing the right applicant:

General Attitude

This is what is generally being observed by the interviewer. You need to project an enthusiastic and outgoing personality with the ability to blend well with all different sorts of people.

Social Interaction

Having a LinkedIn profile, FaceBook page or substantial Twitter following is an added advantage. It will tell the recruiter you are a peoples’ person. Building relationships and having a well developed presence on the internet through social and professional networking sites, blogs, groups and forum discussions will not only enhance your skills but keep you updated with the latest trends.

Communication Skills

Both written and verbal communication skills need to be polished before applying for any marketing job. If this means taking up extra language courses, then it is money well spent.

Knowledge of the product and target market

Last, but not the least, good marketing professionals must know the details and features of the product, its competitors and the customers they are going to deal with. Before the interview, do a thorough research of the company and the industry it belongs to.

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