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Tips for Writing Effective Cover Letters

A cover letter is essentially a brief introduction of yourself to the employer. In a few paragraphs you need to convince the hiring manager of your worth and encourage them to scan your CV. Is the cover letter important in getting the right job? Yes, it is. In the job application procedure, this is one of the first forms of communication with the hiring manager so you need to take some time out to plan and draft the letter in the best possible manner. There are templates available on the web but it is always better to avoid them and be more unique.

No errors

Grammatical or spelling mistakes will really put off any recruiter so always use a spell check and proof read the document two to three times. If required take help from a person you believe has good command over the language.


Draft a separate cover letter for each employer and address them by their names. This will require some research but it will definitely pay off. Also, before applying for the job, try to find out more about the company and role you are applying for and then stress in your cover letter how useful you might be for the company.

Short and crisp

Keep the cover letter short, precise and to the point. All you need to do is to give a basic introduction and background of your relevant achievements. The details can be viewed in the CV/ resume.

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