Job Market Trends

Job Outlook for Younger Workers

Tough times have been experienced by younger workers all over the globe during the current times of recession. The situation is not expected to get any better in the near future. Workers below 35 are struggling with rising bills, rents, and not being able to get a job or a ‘good’ job. Many have been laid off as a result of downsizing and are now jobless with families to feed. Unemployment numbers in the United States a few weeks ago reported that about 1.7 million fewer teenagers and young adults were employed in July than a year before.

One of the many problems these younger workers are facing is that they are overqualified for most of the jobs they apply for. Companies are generally looking for less experienced and less qualified workers since they have very low salary figures in mind. Tough competition is yet another issue as career development is something almost everyone is working at all the time.

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