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Three Summer Job Search Tips

Job search becomes a more challenging task in the summer as many hiring managers are difficult to track down for the recruiters. Job seekers tend to get lazy at this time of the year as they have a misconception that people do not get hired in the summer. While there is some truth in this, it is also an opportunity for you to continue to look while others may not be.

A good time for networking

As summer approaches, it gives you a reason to touch base with your contact list to exchange travel plans. Engaging people on a personal level is likely to circle back to professional talk.

Make use of the slow pace to schedule meetings

If you have had a difficulty in scheduling meetings with hiring managers, try again during the summer as the work pace in much calmer and people are generally in a better mood.

Confirm timing and next steps

You might have applied to a number of different places and chances are that each interview is scheduled at a different time. Also, the next step to the process might take several weeks if the hiring managers are going to take a vacation after the interviews. Confirm exactly what the next steps are going to be and when would you expect to hear back from them.


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