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Five Indicators of a Successful Job Interview

At the end of the interview most candidates have fair idea of whether it went well or not. While some are more confident, others are simply hung on to what they said wrong and how they could have avoided the common mistakes. Although there is no definite way of finding out whether or not you will be moved to the next stage in the recruitment process, there are a few indicators that serve as hopeful signs that you will be shortlisted for the job.

  1. At the end of the interview or immediately afterwards, if you have been asked to come for a second interview, it can be taken as a positive sign.
  2. If you are asked to confirm your references, it means they are seriously considering you as the prospective candidate and will contact your references before taking their decision.
  3. Have they asked about your salary expectations? If you are being seriously considered for the job, the employer would be interested in knowing what you are expecting to earn.
  4. Look intently at the Human Resource Representative present at the interview. By their gestures it can be guessed if they appear happy and impressed or simply bored and restless.
  5. Duration of the interview is also an important consideration. Generally, a certain time scale is allotted for each interview. If you feel your interview is exceeding the time limit, it is a good indicator as it suggests that the employer is seriously considering you for the job.


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Also, the candidate should answer only to the point to avoid counter questions from the interviewer.

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