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The Do’s and Don’ts of Phone Interviews

Phone interviews are common and often used to screen out potential candidates before being called for the in-person interview. These are also used when the candidates live in another city or country. When you have applied for a job, you need to be prepared for the phone interview. Phone interviews can be different from in-person interviews in certain respects so a few points need to be kept in mind when preparing for the phone interview.

Keep a record of the time and date

Make sure you do not forget the time or date when the interview is scheduled and keep yourself free from any other appointments at that time.

Do your homework

Find out some basic information about the role and company you have applied to. It is very common for the interviewers to find out how much information you have about the company and the particular you have applied for. It shows your interest level in the job. Prepare for the questions just like you would for an in-person interview.

Avoid the use of cell phone

Try to have the interview conducted on a landline instead of a cell phone. This is because chances of network failures and line disturbances will be reduced this way.

Choose an appropriate location

It seems highly unprofessional if there is a lot of background noise while you are being interviewed. Choose a quiet and private location, keep the doors and windows closed, and make sure the children and pets are kept out.

Focus on gestures

Even though you are not face to face with the interviewer, do smile when answering the questions as it can help to improve the tone of your voice and keep you more calm. Do not chew gum, smoke a cigarette, eat or drink during the phone interview. Speak clearly and enunciate properly.

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Another tip is to stand up if possible. Body posture improves the strength of what you say. It also makes you feel that you are more in control of the interview.

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