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Five Tips To Get Along Effectively With Your Boss

When you start a new job, your boss is the one person who will be evaluating your performance from day one and will play a pivotal role in determining whether you have a successful career or not. It is highly important to have a good relationship with your boss for better productivity at your job and for having a meaningful and successful career. Here are some tips to improve your relationship with your boss.


Build the trust factor

It is important for the relationship that both people trust each other. When you make a commitment fulfill it. The boss should know with confidence that you are a reliable employee. Lies or covering up for situations will not have a lasting effect on the relationship. Keep your manager informed of all that is happening and never blind side your boss with surprises.


Clarify mutual expectations

Your role and that of your manager’s should be clearly defined. Ask questions to make it clear what is expected from you.



Never build any invisible barrier between you and your boss. All misunderstandings prevail because of lack of adequate communication. If you are unable to communicate face to face, then write an email but keep your boss informed at all times of all issues and problems that you might be facing before it gets too difficult to handle.


Make your boss look good

Consider this as an important part of your job. Do not refrain from performing a certain task just because it does not fit your job description. Do some homework for your boss to make them look good for their work, such as helping to prepare presentations or reminding about important meetings and events.


Do not badmouth your boss

This is worst thing you can do to your relationship with your boss. Never talk negatively about your boss with other co-workers.


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