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Five Common Misconceptions Related to Career Growth

Career growth has to be an ongoing process and should be an essential part of the daily routine. Unfortunately, many individuals fail to incorporate this in their regular career development path. What this often leads to is an unsatisfying career and apprehensions of a potential job loss. Just because you have a great job right now, does not mean it is going to remain that fulfilling or even stay forever. Career growth is not just recommended but also essential to attain and maintain your place in your industry. There are many misconceptions regarding career growth making it ineffective for most individuals. Five of the most common ones are discussed below.

  1. 1. Once at work, there is no need for further education.

Professional education should not be stopped after graduation. To advance your professional knowledge you need to continually attend seminars, read trade journals, get certifications and take up short or long professional courses to develop your skills and learn some new ones to have a competitive edge over your colleagues.

  1. 2. Employers offer the best salary package and there is no need for further negotiation.

Employers are aware that you have all information regarding current salary trends and expect that there will be negotiations from your end. This should be done when you start your job and also later on as you progress in your career. If you do not do that, chances are you will be viewed as less aggressive and employers could have doubts regarding your competency.

  1. 3. You job is secure if you are performing well.

With economic recession, downsizing and corporate transitions, no job, whether high-end or low-end, is secure. This means that you need to continually work on your career growth and be prepared to face a possible job loss.

  1. 4. Employers will manage your career path.

This could have been true a couple of decades ago but, today employers do not have the time or initiative to do this for you. You have to chalk out a plan for your growth yourself. You can obtain help from the career counselors and consultants for this purpose.

  1. 5. Once you have got the job, there is no need for networking.

A smart career move is to always network with professionals in your industry. It should be a part of an ongoing career growth and management. This could lead to much better job opportunities and will prove quite helpful in case of a sudden job loss.

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