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Lost Your Job? Here’s What to Do!

Experts say losing a job is one of the top three stressors for a person, and with the current global economic scenario, there are a lot of stressed out people out there right now. Being laid off or downsized, getting dismissed or fired hurts! But the fortunate ones learn to deal with it. Rather than looking at a job loss as a horrible thing, it might be better to consider the positive implications of this situation. This gives you a chance to make some changes – switching careers or industries, learning new skills or improving on the ones you already have, or perhaps consider relocating.

Here’s What To Do:

  • determine how long your financial resources will last.
  • determine whether a career change is in order. If layoffs are rampant in your field, you may want to consider making a change to a field that is growing, or at least stable.
  • if you would like to change careers, find out what occupation you want to go into. You may need professional help with making this decision.
  • take this time to enhance your skills. Find out what skills are currently valued by employers in your particular profession.
  • once all that is done, begin your job search. Write your resume, review your job interviewing skills and tell your network contacts about your current status in case they have leads.

Look forward to your next opportunity. You never know what doors this turn of events may open for you.

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