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IT Job Market

A sharp decline has been observed in the IT Job Market during the recent recession. This leaves IT professionals with low confidence level in their ability to land new jobs as few are available. This trend, however, is not any different than any other business sector.

Most recent studies show that salaries in the IT sector are expected to rise by an average of about two per cent in the year 2009. For the IT executives, directors and managers, this figure is even higher. There are two main reasons for this upcoming salary trend. Firstly, while many companies are downsizing, there are still a lot of IT vendors and users who are hiring. Secondly, even with the rapidly growing industry, there still remains an insufficient supply of skilled candidates, and the shortage seems to be growing. So, if you have the necessary skills, you will still be in high demand. This is the reason that many job portals still receive a high percentage of job announcements from this sector.

The IT jobs that are expected to increase in value include PHP, NetWeaver Portals (SAP EP), Java/J2EE, Database Management, SAP Solution Manager, Oracle Developer Suite, Microsoft SQL Server and NetWeaver BI (SAP BW).

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