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Job Seekers: Be Cautious of Social Networking

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Social networking, the most popular online activity, right after browsing, has been embedded in our daily lives and has become more of a necessity than ever.

While the websites like FaceBook and MySpace have proved useful in keeping updates of people, connecting with friends, colleagues, old associates, and family members, they pose a great threat to the privacy of their users. The members are kept under surveillance at all times. It is not difficult to impersonate you or use your valuable information to mar your reputation as well as your career.

If not taken care, the social networking sites will also be responsible for you not being selected in your next job. How you portray yourself on the internet can now be viewed by your peers, associates as well as recruiters and employers. What messages you post on Twitter, FaceBook, or MySpace will reflect your personality to your potential employers. So next time you have a bad day, think twice before publicizing your hate list.

Jobs are everywhere, even in times of recession, but to land on the desired one will require you to be cautious not only while writing the perfect resume, adopting etiquettes of interviews, but also of your portrayal on the social networking sites as the suitable candidate. Present yourself like you want to be seen by recruiters.

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2 replies on “Job Seekers: Be Cautious of Social Networking”

Thanks for the article! Furthermore, if you do plan on using your account for your personal life and friends, I would suggest making an account only dedicated to your professional pursuits. This will keep your private and professional life separate.

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