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Interview Questions You Need to Master

When preparing for the interview, there are just so many things that need to be considered. How do you dress up, what accessories are permissible, the tone of your voice, your general attitude, knowledge about  the job and the company, and most importantly, how to answer the interview questions.

Hirirng managers have a huge list of questions they could ask you ranging from technical to personal. While most people prepare well for the technical ones, few are able to give the most appropriate answers to the the following general questions:

1.Tell me about yourself.

By asking this question, basically the interviewer is looking for  information related to what is important to you, or what topics interest you that they can discuss, or an interesting story that they can relate to later. This is not the time to blab and give a summary or your resume.

2.Your strenghts and weaknesses?

This is a tough one. While talking about your strengths, you need to be careful not to be too egoistic. Explain with an example how a particular strength proved useful for the business or helped in completing a target. Weaknesses are also to be supported by an explanation such as, “I am told that I am a bit slow worker but, I like to look at the minor details and try to provide a good quality work.”

3.Do you have any questions for us?

This is usually asked at the end of the interview and most job seekers are at a loss of words here. You must, however, not give a blank answer to this question. The interviewer is checking your confidence and intelligence here. Anything related to compensation must be avoided at this time. You may ask about what exactly is the company involved in. This will show your interest in the firm.

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The topic about questions that will be raised in an interview is very important to look forward to before it happen. Giving an ideas like these will simply help us who will be subjected to the issue. It is quite difficult to know what the interviewee will ask but I think, the best way to answer the questions is by being yourself talking to another person, and answering clearly all what he is asking with honesty. Best approach is to stay calm and relax. Think you’re in the middle of a serious business conversation. Answer all the questions as good as you can. Avoid subjects considered as hearsays, guessing,and topics that are offensive to others. Be respectful, choose your words, and listen carefully. At the start of the interview, breathe well. At the end of it, again do the same, and accept the outcome as a facts of our life. Succeed or not succeed, we got to move on for the best.

very good information about these commonly asked questions. Hope you will post more questions answers in future to boost the job seekers.

I now understand why and how I failed my last job interview, my answers to the topics you have raised were far from what you suggest should be the responses. Next time I will be on the look out and will be ready with more appropriate responses.

I believe these topics should be discussed in the future also, as its very useful and knowledgable for fresh candidates as well as senior managers . Sometimes you are so busy in routine work that you have no time for personal grooming which is highly essential for anybody’s career growth, i really appreciate this effort and hopeful to get more useful information in the future.

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