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How to Use LinkedIn for Job Search

LinkedIn is by far one of the most important and widely used search tool that most recruiters and employers revert to for their recruiting needs. To increase the value of LinkedIn you need to increase your visibility. This can be done in the following easy steps.

Create a profile

Create a detailed and compelling profile that might ensures being shortlisted by the recruiters. A LinkedIn profile is not just a copy paste of your resume but needs even more details such as a short bio of yourself just underneath your name, your goals and ambitions, your interests and the professional characteristics that set you apart.

Stuff in keywords

This essentially means including the most commonly searched keywords related to your profession. The more frequently the keywords are used, the more chances there are that your name appears in the search results.

Build a network

Build contacts by sending requests, join groups and interact with people involved in your profession. Your contact list should not only include current and past colleagues, but you should also feel free to send requests to people you do not know directly but who might prove useful in your job search. Join groups of your interest to further enhance your contact list.

Be involved

Participate in group activities and discussion. Ask and answer questions in the Answers section. Send mails and messages to your network to get yourself known for your expertise.

Get recommendations

Recommendations on LinkedIn are used as votes and references. The more you have them, the more values is added to your profile. Most recruiters prefer candidates who have good recommendations from present or past colleagues and bosses.

Search Jobs

LinkedIn has a Jobs section where thousands of jobs are posted by recruiters and employers from all over the world. You can search jobs by category, industry or location and apply directly.

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