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How to Negotiate a Salary Raise

Career counselors are often consulted for teaching job seekers the art of asking a raise in the salary. This is because it is a skill that requires careful planning and execution. Here a few things that need to be considered while negotiating the raise with your employer:

Research the market

Find out the ‘going-rate’ for the job you are currently in by looking at the salary surveys conducted for that region. Also, you could inquire from other people working in the same industry. If you feel you are under-paid, there are more chances that you will be able to convince your employer for the raise.

Make a check-list of accomplishments

Before you approach the employer, list down all of your achievements in the past year to stress on how much you have contributed to the company’s success. Every employers aims for the least cost and most profit and does not usually have a problem in giving the employees what they deserve.

Timing is important

During the times of recession or company losses, it is least likely that your demand will be met. Wait for the appropriate time to ensure that the employer is not already stressed out because of financial worries.

Be flexible

Sometimes it is a good idea to settle for more perks than a raise, if offered that way. More paid vacations, for example, could be accepted if the employer is unable to raise the basic package due to financial constraints.

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