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Best Ways to Prove You Are the Perfect Job Candidate

When looking for a job, you will be encountered with a variety of hiring managers. While some will just ‘get’ that you are the perfect person for the job, others will be hard to convince. Many hiring managers and employers have their own set standards of who an ideal candidate is. Working up with people who will only hire someone with X number of years of experience or a certain type of personality is often a waste of time. However, there are many hiring managers who might not see you as a perfect candidate at first but could be convinced using certain tactics.

On the CV/Resume

Use more of the C.A.R. (challenge, action, results) statements. This will demonstrate how you have tackled a difficult situation in the past and the outcome of your efforts. Only a few of these challenges will have more weight than a long list of responsibilities you were assigned on your previous job/s.

During the interview

Even if you do not have as many years of experience as expected of you, you may highlight how you have successfully accomplished various tasks of a similar nature in the past. Rather than stating what you can achieve, talk about what you have achieved.

When networking

Whether you are communicating in person or online, be passionate about your interests and areas of expertise. The more enthusiastic you are and the more knowledgeable you present yourself, you will be regarded as an expert by others.

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