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Tough times? Come out of your comfort zone.

The world has been hit by tough times that were not on anyone’s radar at the start of 2008. Well, for the sake of argument, perhaps some doomsday economists may argue that they had predicted this for a long time.

But realistically, most people were happily employed, and were planning their finances with a positive mind set when 2008 arrived.

You may have bought a new house or car. You might have planned and committed for installments in a long term investment, and so forth.

But the reality right now is biting most people: Redundancies. Downsizing. Rightsizing. Contingency planning. Chapter 11. Bankruptcies.
Whatever the flavour, its everywhere. But it is more profound in the West… in the economies that appeared rock solid.

My question is: Have YOU come out of YOUR comfort zone yet?

I am particularly asking this question to the lucky ones who have not been handed the “pink slip” – that is, the discharge notice, and to those who’s employers have not yet started resizing the workforce.

Because, if you are still living in the comfort zone that your company wont fire you, then please please please wake up!


Companies do not like to loose good people. But when it becomes a matter of survival for the company itself, then anything is possible.

Your company may be rock solid. But what if its customers have run into financial trouble? That means your company’s financial stability is not secure either. What if your key suppliers have difficulty ensuring continuity of business. With no supplies, you can not produce, and nothing to sell!

Are you asking, What do I do?

The answers are:
a. Update your CV.
b. Start looking for options.
c. Start looking beyond the typical boundaries you have always limited your options to.
d. Start evaluating options in “other fields”? Professions and industries you did not consider your core area so far.
e. Look at your ENTIRE range of skills and expertise and ask yourself: What other industry or profession can I join? Even consider retraining yourself!
f. Produce CVs for different target markets, different industries and different regions.
g. Start searching in all different directions, with no preconceived notions or mindsets. Keep all options open.
h. Take the discussions as far as they go: Even to the extent of obtaining job offers.

You see, while many companies and countries have been badly hit, remember that even in the worst situations, economic activity did not come to a perfect ZERO. And, therefore, someone was producing, someone was trading even in those times.

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Good Luck.

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