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Saudi graduates to be trained for tourism jobs

Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast is an excellent tourism opportunity. The Red Sea Development Company has launched one of the most ambitious and biggest tourism projects in the world. The Elite Graduate Program helps the young Saudis to prepare them for future jobs for The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC). 

This program will start in January 2020 and will take 2 years to complete. In less than two weeks over 16,000 undergraduate and postgraduate candidates of various disciplines have applied in this program. The program uses sophisticated technology to go through the applications of candidates and artificial intelligence to survey and limit the field to 900 potential candidates. The final selection of the candidates will be after a face-to-face interview in January 2020.

The CEO of The Red Sea Development Company said, “This unique program reiterates our commitment to invest in developing local expertise and providing long-term career opportunities in the rapidly expanding tourism sector. The announcement was designed specifically to appeal to young, digitally savvy Saudis with an interest in becoming part of one of the most exciting tourism projects in the world today.”

The main mission of the program is to create job opportunities for young Saudi graduates. The candidates will go through a two years training program and after that they will be hired by the TRSDC in their respective fields. Each trainee will work under a team of experts. Each trainee will be given rotational assignments in multiple departments and will be given special tasks relevant to their field of specialization. The trainees will gain knowledge about TRSDC tourism project and they will be ready for the next challenge. This training will provide them practical experience inside and outside their field of discipline.

The program includes 70% field training, 20% coaching & mentoring, and 10% of classroom based courses that will help them work in their related field of study. Based on their chosen streams, trainees will join the program on 20th February, 2020. After the completion of the training the trainees will sign a contract with the Red Sea Development Company for the position of their related fields and begin their career.

The candidates can apply in the following five provided streams: 

  1. Environment and sustainability, 
  2. Engineering, 
  3. Governance and legal, 
  4. Finance and investment, and 
  5. Strategy. 

Graduates that have studied in the following discipline can apply: 

  • Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Environment & Sustainability, 
  • Environmental Studies and Sustainability, 
  • Horticulture and Business Management, 
  • Marine and Wildlife Biology, 
  • Marine and Coastal Science, 
  • Environmental and Energy Management, 
  • Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology, 
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy Engineering, 
  • Energy Systems Engineering, 
  • Wildlife Management, 
  • Zoology, 
  • Agricultural Science, 
  • Botany, 
  • Marine Science

Phase 1 of The Red Sea Development Project

The first phase of the project is to create 14 hotels containing 3,000 rooms for commercial, retail and leisure facilities on five islands and two inland sites. After the completion of the project, there will be 8,000 hotel rooms across 22 islands and 6 inland states.

The Elite Graduate Program is the most recent activity by the Red Sea Development Company that will open doors for young Saudis in tourism. The organization also gives scholarships to the young Saudi students to start their studies in the year 2019-2020 and now this organization is providing training programs for the young graduates.

The Chief of Staff Ahmad Ghazi Darwish said, “This is an open door for both youthful ability in the Kingdom and for our business. The Elite Graduate Program will assist us with creating and engage skilled youthful Saudis, who thusly will bring energy, and new and inventive intuition to our business.”

This program will run again so keep checking the company’s website

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