Positive news about COVID-19

While the world is going hysterical with the fear of Corona Virus, I received this wonderful news about COVID-19 from the famous author and coach, Jack Canfield earlier today. And, believe you me, this was the kind of news I had been expecting for some time.

So, what is the good news about COVID-19 nicknamed Coronavirus? Before I share what Jack wrote to me, here is what I have noticed:

  • Earth is healing itself.
  • The drop in flights, road transports, and industrial closures lead to air pollution levels reduction.
  • Birds and swans have returned to the Venice waterways.
  • People are suddenly discovering that the rest of the individuals at their homes are not such bad people after all.
  • Families are discovering ways to have better time together.
  • Kids are learning new skills like cooking, and gardening.
  • Families are actually taking better care of their elders.

News About COVID-19

And, now, as Jack wrote to me in his email, here are few of news about COVID-19 that he has read lately:

The purpose of this post

If you are wondering why I wrote this post please listen up. The world media is fixated on feeding you doom and gloom. People read negative stories and spread more negativity through their own social media and personal interactions. All of that, in turn, attracts more disasters in people’s lives.

Please stop that.

Here at Gulf Job Sites, our mantra is to think positive, and be positive. Even my blood type is B-Positive! Hahaha.

Focus on the positive, and you totally ignore the negative. You will see your life transform like a miracle.

Only think positive, only talk positive and only pay attention to whats positive in your life and around you. And feel genuinely grateful.

Now, please tell me in the comments below some good news too.

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Good news is that I am AB +ve and after reading this passage I am sure no one will have O-ve.

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