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How To Use, or How to search jobs on the Internet

Please print this page and read it twice.

This website has been built piece by piece, section by section, link by link. Therefore please read this short article to understand how you can benefit from this effort. This is how I would personally use this website.

For Job Seekers

Before you continue, remember that there are NO shortcuts in life, NO magic pills to finding a job. Job hunting on the internet can be rewarding but requires patience and consistent hard work. If you are NOT willing to do that, then you will be better off on a entertainment website.
Shall we continue?

  • is a large resource and can not be exhausted in one sitting. Therefore, grab a pad and pencil before you start. While browsing remember to make your notes like which ones you find interesting, which ones actually have vacancies you can apply for, which ones you can contact to explore possibilities NOT mentioned on the website.
  • Start from either the country sections listed on the home page, the Major Companies of the Gulf, or go to the listing of job sites organised by Profession.
  • Gulf region remains a popular job destination. Navigate through the various sub-sections of the countries you are interested in, and then visit the websites listed there.
  • Many companies and organisations do not publish their vacancies on online job-portals. Therefore you MUST visit the individual company websites too.
  • Successful job portals like Monster, Bayt, and Aarknet should not be ignored. Go and submit your CV right now.
  • Major Companies of the Gulf has the biggest and most prominent companies listed. Although this section is NOT regularly updated yet it gives you the largest companies in the Gulf region to focus on and target for your job-hunting. If you are planning your job search outside the Persian Gulf region then you can ignore this section.
  • Companies not listed under the Major Companies section are not necessarily small. Some of them are excellent companies to work for and great pay-masters. So explore them in detail too.
  • If you are willing to relocate then the many websites listed under the section Profession Specific – Worldwide will also be useful. Here please note that this section does include some regional websites too who focus on a specific profession.
  • For those considering a change in profession, Profession Specific – Worldwide can be particularly useful.
  • Keep a daily allowance of time and target on how many companies and websites you will explore. Plan and time yourself.
  • Do not forget to go thorough some very good resources under Resume Guidance, Job Hunting Tips and Articles posted in our blog that will expand and guide you with job hunting.
  • Warning: While conducting your job hunt, please do NOT jeopardize your current job. This means you should not use your official email address for any job hunting emails. Get a fresh email account if necessary.
  • A quick, free subscription of Job Seekers Alerts provides useful tips and support from
  • There are resources listed under the Departments section to help you get to know the Gulf region better. That includes Currency Converter, Weather Reports, Prayer and Ramadan Timings, and more.
  • If you have not yet started blogging, I strongly urge you to consider doing it on the topics related to your profession. Its great for building your online reputation, and in due course presenting you as an authority on your topic. If you are already blogging, I highly recommend you should read this article.

Important notes on CV / Resumes

  • Before you start posting your CV / resume on recruitment websites and job application forms, keep all the details ready in a document on your computer. This document should be proof-read for grammatical and spelling mistakes, accuracy of the content and quality of the language. Remember that the moment you press the SUBMIT button on an online job application form, your details are sent to them, and in many cases you do not have a second chance for any corrections. Therefore, you should prepare such details before hand. Read, them, re-write them, and if possible ask some one to critique them. Many a times, we can not find our own mistakes.
  • No two websites are alike. Be prepared that different websites will ask different details and of different length. For instance, one may allow you unlimited space to describe your work at each job you had, while another may only allow 255 characters. So you should have both long and short length version of the document. The purpose of keeping the details ready in a document is that you should be able to instantly copy-n-paste the text from your document into the forms. This would minimise the chances of mistakes. Similarly, some would allow you to email your cv. For them, you should have a neatly formatted document and covering letter which should be free of viruses and mistakes.
  • Job hunting through computers means you should be able to customize your cv / resume according to the needs of the vacancies you are applying for. But, never ever tell a lie. For lies can be caught and you could be terminated instantly, if caught later. By customizing your cv / resume I mean you should highlight your skills, abilities and past experience that is most relevant for the job you are applying for instead of sending a generic cv / resume to every prospective employer.
  • NO matter what you think, do NOT try to act “cool” by using chat styled language in your CV or covering letters and emails. If you don’t know what I mean, I am referring to “ur cool dude stylez, u doin’ 2 much abbvtd writin’ cuz that showz immaturity”.

For Employers and Webmasters

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It is really a very good site , I am very new for this site has also given a good piece of advice, I think I will find what I am looking for
thaking you —-shahid ali
allah hafiz

I am quite new to this job hunting process and after visiting many websites ,i found this to be very helpfull specially the tips that are provided.
thanking you -for helping jobseekers like us. Allah hafiz