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How to avoid being laid off in turbulent economy

Shortly after I sent a recent newsletter, a subscriber, Hammad wrote:
“I agree with you to some extent but we have to change the mindset first. If every one becomes negative towards the economic crises we will have a spiral effect of low productivity in the current jobs and making ones self venerable to layoff.”

Hammad’s point can be simplified as:
Negative Mindset > Low morale > Reduced Productivity > Risk of layoff.

Everywhere you turn, from tv to friends to newspapers to blogs and newsletters, the topic remains the same: The financial meltdown. With the constant bombardment of this topic it is bound to effect one’s morale and generate depressing thoughts. This can get your mindset in a downward spiral of negative thoughts which impact your performance and productivity on the
work front.

“When going gets tough, tough gets going” says the age old phrase. How true!

So what do you do?

Perk up.
Smarten up.
Stand like a pillar of strength.

I have often used this phrase from a Tag Heuer ad:

In tough times a company only wants to retain people who can add strength to the organization… who can withstand the storms and help everyone in the team fight out the harsh waves.

If the company has to shed its workforce, negative mindsets have no chance of staying aboard no matter how tall their past contributions.

Therefore, stay away from negative people, negative commentary and negative thoughts.
Look for smarter ways to get the work done.
Be a Motivator in the team.

Good Luck.

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