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Are Online Job Boards Really Effective?

Job hunting on the internet for most job seekers is a tedious and frustrating task. After posting the resume to a zillion of job boards across the web, the situation is just “post-and-pray”. This is because online job boards do have their pros and cons for effective job search.


Maximum exposure

Companies throughout the world and linked to all industry sectors, post their latest job openings on the job boards. It becomes very easy for the job seekers to view all these jobs and apply online free of cost. Physically visiting each company and dropping the CV or sending through mails will not only limit the options but will also be costly and time come consuming.

Focused search

Job seekers can narrow down their job search based on their preferred location and industry type. Most job boards have this provision. There are also many job boards that cater to each specific location or each specific industry only. Also, candidates can subscribe to the email alerts of these job boards to get notified immediately as the new job is posted.


Resume upload issues

A lot of popular job boards have a specific procedure for resume details upload. Some do not allow uploading of the original resume. Some allow only chronological method only so you may not be able to create a functional resume.

Unreal jobs

Some recruiters or companies post jobs just to get an insight to the professional talent by reviewing the resumes submitted by candidates. These jobs do not really exist with these companies.


Usually the name of the HR manager is not stated with the job posting. While writing the cover letter, you will only have the option of stating ‘Dear HR Manager’. There is no way of customizing the job application. If the candidates want to follow up with their application, they will not know the name of the concerned person.


Many companies use job posting as a multi-marketing strategy. They invite resumes, get hold of the email ids of candidates and then use those to market their promotional materials.

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I have been trying for jobs thru internet in various sites but i find that they are not true and i believe there is no true vacancies and it is farce .They just advertise but when you apply they just keep silent without any reply .

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