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HotLinuxJobs is your strategic partner in finding and retaining the top Linux and Open Source professionals in the industry. Whether you’re looking for senior kernel engineers or junior developers / administrators, we team with you to meet your hiring needs. Our experience and knowledge of the Open Source landscape, combined with our proven methodologies, ensure that you get the best candidate for your position every time. We know that your time is valuable, and sorting through piles of unqualified resumes isn’t the best use of your resources. We also know that simply posting a job to your Web site or a job board isn’t the best way to find the right candidate for your position. Our consultants do more than just match a candidate’s skill set to your requirements; we consider your corporate culture, organizational structure, and other factors to guarantee that we present you with only the best candidates for your team. HotLinuxJobs is the only firm that specializes in recruitment of Linux and Open Source professionals. Our fingers are on the pulse of the industry; we know what’s hot and what's not, who’s hiring, and who’s firing. We're in tune with the market, and we provide that expertise to you in everything we do. HotLinuxJobs has been an active part of the Open Source community for over five years. Our knowledge of the Open Source landscape and issues runs deep, and our connections throughout the industry provide us with valuable insider information that you can’t find anywhere else. HotLinuxJobs has the deepest pool of pre-qualified Linux and Open Source candidates. With over 5,000 resumes on file, as well as connections with Open Source projects, communities, and user groups, we can find the talent you’re looking for—no matter how specialized.
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