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Sections is the first ever independent directory and search engine of job and employment related websites from the Arabian Gulf / Persian Gulf region covering Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq and Iran.

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Welcome to the Gulf Human Resources Professionals Forum!

Gulf HR Professionals Forum provides a platform for the HR professionals across the Gulf countries and beyond to network, seek assistance and share professional view points with fellow professionals. Its hosted by, the first ever independent directory of jobs and employment related websites from the Arabian Gulf / Persian Gulf region covering Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq and Iran.

Gulf HR Professionals Forum is an email based discussion group. There are no fees, no restriction on number of people joining from a particular company or any such thing. If you have an interest in discussing Human Resources related matters in a professional context with HR professionals then this is your forum. You may be working in a recruitment, staffing, training or human resource development company, or involved with these services in a HR / personnel department of some other company. You are welcome to join by filling in your email address below. The system is completely automated and you can sign out anytime if you choose to.

Gulf HR Professionals Forum Members Directory is for the exclusive use of the HR forum members. Please make sure your contact details are updated in this directory.

Resume Delivery Service is another free service for the recruiters and employers. Just sign up and start receiving resumes in your inbox. These resumes are complete with full contact information; nothing has been held back and no charges to contact the applicants. Some other websites are offering this service for a fee, while you can enjoy this service completely free courtesy of

Just like the Gulf HR Professionals Forum is also a voluntary service, offered FREE of charge to the HR professionals. The forum has been kept unmoderated and the forum members are expected to use this service with courtesy and professional maturity. Inappropriate language, blatant promotion of own business and irrelevant content must be avoided. Finally, does not have the resources to verify and does not take any responsibility for the validity or legitimacy of the content. All Readers Are Advised To Take Necessary Steps To Ensure Authenticity.

If you have any questions, please write to the Editor. I encourage you to sign up below and get to know the fellow HR professionals in the region.

Good Luck and God Bless You. Editor

Its easy and completely FREE to join the Gulf HR Professionals Forum. Simply fill-in your email address below and click the button.

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Alternatively, if you prefer, you mail send an email to You will receive an email requesting you for authentication. SImply "reply" to that email and your subscription will be confirmed. Then you will be able to read, contribute and participate in the forum discussions.

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