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Mapping and GIS Jobs

Jobs in Mapping, GIS, GPS, Geographic Surveying and related skills


"GIS, GPS, Remote Sening, Aerial Photography Jobs. Also includes jobs in various Gulf countries". GIS Development is now Geospatial Media & Communications. Geospatial Media & Communications works to initiate a new era of industrialisation of geospatial technology by raising the profile and expanding the horizons of geospatial industry worldwide. It enables the transfer of the value of geospatial technology for the benefit of the world population and for the sustainable development of the planet.
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2. Applied Geomatics Employment Opportunities

Our website has been especially designed for people who want to work with the geomatics industry. The site is run by Remote Sensing and GIS specialists who know the industry. Come check out our free services.
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3. GIScareers

A new Internet Job and Resume site for the GIS industry.
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4. GIS Career Center

GIS, CAD, and remote sensing job and resume posting service provided by GeoCommunity.
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5. GIS Jobs Clearinghouse: Available Positions

GIS Jobs Clearinghouse, probably one of the most visited GIS/RS jobs site on the Internet. Started in 1992, the GJC has helped thousands of GIS/RS professionals find positions
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6. Geomatics Canada

Canadian job and resume website.
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7. Society for Conservation GIS Jobs

The Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS) works to build community, provide knowledge, and support individuals using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and science for the conservation of natural resources and cultural heritage. The SCGIS assists conservationists worldwide in using GIS through communication, networking, scholarships, and training. Membership is open to any individual seeking assistance in the achievement of personal or organizational conservation goals.
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8. GIS Job Listings - GeoSearch, Inc.


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9. Cyber-Sierra

Cyber-Sierra's NATURAL RESOURCES JOB SEARCH. Geographic Information Systems (or GIS) is a healthy occupational field in today's conservation occupations. GIS is a strong tool for many areas of forestry, from identifying harvesting locations to urban forestry. Wildlife mapping, ecosystem management and regional planning, all need this type of geographic data assembled. Today's conservation professional uses digital mapping technology that links a computerized map with a computer database. Often the popular GPS systems are used in the field to locate specific points such as property lines, stream beds, and protected archeological locations. Since the use of GIS and GPS is now so widespread, it can be tricky to find a job in an environmental occupation that doesn't use this tool. GIS work generally takes a person who is 'linear' in their thinking process and who pays deep attention to details. It often requires dogged determination to get to the exact GIS points in the outdoors and to make sure the data is correctly identified once you've collected it. Anyone who has had to rely of GIS data and found it lacking in certainty can appreciate the attention to detail that is needed in GIS work. Someone's life may depend on the accuracy of your GIS work. Remember that!
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10. Western U.S. GIS Job Links

Massive listing of updated GIS job sites.
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11. The GeoCommunity Career Center

GIS, CAD, remote sensing and other environmental related job postings.
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12. GISL

Provide GIS and Geomatics application specialists to multi-disciplinary projects worldwide.
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13. GeoWeb Interactive

Repository of job and resume postings for the GIS industry.
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GISZone host GIS related resumes and many different jobs. The site is visited by visitors from over 65 world wide countries.
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GIS job listings and resumes for the Geographic Information Systems industry. Since 1998.
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16. is a job search and job by e-mail service that is focused on bringing together geographers and employers in need of their talents. Search for geography jobs, get e-mail career alerts and upload your Resume so employers can find and hire you. Sign up now, it's all FREE! We focus on jobs in urban planning, the environment, GIS, transport planning, economic development, geography education and other related fields.
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