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Gulf Job Sites CV Writing Service has been helping candidates get jobs for more than 25 years. Our expertise in Dubai CV writing will ensure that your CV catches the attention of the employers.

What is a CV?

CV is short for curriculum vitae. According to Wikipedia, Curriculum vitae, or CV, is a document that provides the overview of the person’s life’s work. CV is similar to a resume or a biodata, but they all have certain difference.

Curriculum vitae is a Latin word and it means “life’s course”. Its often shortened as CV or vita.

What is the difference between curriculum vitae and resume?

Many people use “curriculum vitae”, “resume” and “biodata” interchangeably and confused with each other. The difference between them is their length, and detail.

Curriculum vitae can be between 2 and 12 pages or even longer, covering everything from education to skills, training, awards, honors and of course the entire work history.

On the other hand, a resume is never more than 2 pages. You will tailor the resume for each job application to highlight the aspects of the applicant most suited for that job.

What is the purpose of a CV?

A good CV gets you an an interview!

When an employer announces a job vacancy in Dubai, they often get hundreds of applications from around the world. Dubai is a favorite place for millions of people around the world dreaming of Dubai jobs. Websites like and other such portals get worldwide traffic looking for jobs in Dubai.

YOUR resume must impress the recruiter in the first 15 seconds, or else they will open the next one. You get ONLY 15 SECONDS to catch their attention, or else no chance for your interview.

What are the major reasons for CV rejection?

Recruiters can reject a CV for any of the following reasons:

  1. It does not appear relevant for the job.
  2. It does not cover all the information the recruiter needs to know.
  3. Bad formatting makes the candidate look unprofessional / immature.
  4. Its language and choice of wording is unprofessional.
  5. It does not properly highlight the candidate’s strongest areas.

Our CV Writing Service ensures that your CV shines in all these areas and help you get shortlisted for appropriate jobs.

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Other reasons that make you look unprofessional or a lesser candidate

  1. Job hopping is a bad idea. Make sure your CV does not show you changing the job every year, or even less. Recruiters look for people with a stable personality who are likely to be working with them for years.
  2. An immature or stupid email address like
  3. Missing contact details.
  4. Bad spelling and full of grammatical mistakes.
  5. A document format that is impossible to open.
  6. Dates of important events like degrees, start and end of all the jobs, training, etc. missing, or inappropriately overlapping.
  7. Many employers are now conducting background checks of the applicants. Imagine loosing a job just because your CV included fake or fabricated information.
  8. Missing introduction about the past employers.
  9. Missing the city, state / province and country each important life event.
  10. Making a pastry out of your CV by using funky fonts and colors.
  11. Long paragraphs can get your CV passed over because recruiters are short on time. They want the information short, and to the point.
  12. Starting the CV with the oldest information first will make the recruiter loose interest. They want to know your latest detail first.
  13. Gaps in the employment history is always a concern.
  14. Irrelevant details.

Why should you use our CV Writing Service?

You need: Professional resume ready for the Gulf region.

We have been doing job winning CVs since 1992 for the Gulf region (Dubai, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc.) Gulf job market is different. Here it is common to ask personal questions not considered acceptable in the U.S. and certain other places.

Similarly, there are other details that are not considered relevant in the Gulf region and need to be removed.

Due to the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural scene of the job market employers expect certain details in your resume. Resumes that provide those details are more likely to result in a job interview call.

Most CVs fail because of insufficient details.

We have helped in-numerous job seekers in improving and re-writing their resumes since 1992. Its all part of our ongoing efforts to help the job seekers.

What the CV Writing Service for Dubai Jobs offer?

When you order our CV Writing Service for Dubai Jobs, this is what you get:

  • A 100% personalized, professional CV custom-made for you.
  • Covering all of the above mentioned aspects.
  • Delivered in 5 working days (assuming you reply to the queries the same day).
  • Upto 3 revisions free of charge.
  • Final resume in MS-Word format, Google Docs format, PDF format, and TEXT formats so that you can quickly submit the format desired by each employer.

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Still not convinced that you need CV Writing Service?

If you are still not fully convinced that you need our CV writing service, then I have a very simple question for you:

How many times have you sent your CV for a job in Dubai or anywhere else in the Gulf countries and you did not receive a reply?

If your answer is 5 or more, then you need to think again about the quality of your CV.

I am assuming that the jobs you applied for, you were suitable for them, and you were not wasting your time.

Here’s one more question: Have you uploaded your CV on any job-boards and you have not yet received any message from a recruiter or employer?

If you answered yes, then the chances are that your CV is not compatible for the applicant tracking systems.

What is an ATS or Applicant Tracking System?

Busy recruiters use a software known as Applicant Tracking System. It helps them handle thousands of applications with ease. ATS helps them short list candidates be analyzing the CVs. Many job boards also have ATS built into them.

To quickly search for suitable candidates, recruiters enter keywords in the ATS just the same way you enter keywords in Google search bar. The ATS analyses the contents of all the CVs uploaded in it and shows the CVs with the most appropriate keywords in them.

However, many CVs uploaded in the ATS fail to appear in the search result because they were not properly written ATS-friendly.

We are a ATS-friendly CV Writing Service

When we write your CV, we keep in mind that your CV will be loaded in various ATSes, and therefore it must be written in a manner that the applicant tracking systems can read your CV and understand what it contains, so that it will show your CV when the recruiter searches for keywords related to you.

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