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Are You Suffering From Job Interview Stress?

Getting an interview call leads to a bundle of mixed feelings ranging from joy and excitement to fear and anxiety. After sending out the resume and application, now is the time to appear in front of the hiring managers and prove your worth. There are so many things to consider and questions to be answered such as what to wear and what questions might be asked. There is also a big fear of making a mistake during the interview process. This feeling is generally quite overwhelming even for those who have had plenty of experience.

When do you know you are suffering from job interview stress?

There are a few common signs to indicate how panicky you are about being in the interview. These include sweating, dry throat, fidgety hands, and inability to remember important details of the interview.

How to control the stress level?

Even though stress is unavoidable, it is not something that cannot be controlled. Some get more anxious than others so different measures can be used to control the varying stress levels.

Arrive early but not too early

Coming late for the interview increase the stress levels so plan ahead and reach the venue well in time to gather your thoughts and keep yourself focused on the job. However, if you arrive too early, there are more chances of getting fidgety and nervous.

Believe that this is not the end of the world

Even if you are currently jobless and desperately looking for a good option, giving too much importance to the interview can make you more nervous. Always keep in mind that if you fail there will be other options.

Get a good night’s sleep

Having taken proper rest will ensure that you are relaxed and feel fresh to face the tough interview questions. It is very common that many people due to the anxiety of the interview are unable to sleep at night. This will make you more nervous and fidgety the next day.

Be well prepared

Most job seekers are nervous because they are not well prepared to take the challenge ahead. Research and preparation related to the job and the company holds great importance being able to answer the questions accurately and confidently.

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