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1. US Federal Government Jobs -

Free information of US Federal Government job Listings in Iraq, Kuwait, Mid-east, Afganistan and more. Free, easy to use federal government job search from official United States government sources. Advanced location matching technology. Free search result updates by e-mail. A strong privacy policy and limited advertising.
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2. Kuwait Information Office, USA

Established in February 1993 under the guidance of the Ministry of Information. Features country information, news, as well as pages about democratization, POWs, and women.
Rating: [7.50] Votes: [33]

3. The Public Institution for Social Security

An official site for the public institution for Social Security in Kuwait.
Rating: [6.12] Votes: [8]

4. Ministry of Finance

Includes selected pages from the Arabic version.
Rating: [8.12] Votes: [8]

5. Kuwait Investment Authority

KIA is an autonomous government body responsible for managing and administrating the local and the overseas investments for and on behalf of the State Of Kuwait.
Rating: [7.68] Votes: [9]

6. State Audit Bureau

Kuwaiti commission for financial control in which its independence shall be safe_ guarded by the law.
Rating: [10.00] Votes: [3]

7. Political Resources on the Net

Index of Kuwaiti political sites available on the Internet, with links to Parties, Organizations, Governments and Media
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